Zeiss to Global Products & Adapters

Global to Zeiss Adapter


Say you have a Global 0-180 that you...

Global on Zeiss Beamsplitter

Global On Zeiss Beamsplitter Closeup

Attach a Global Observer Tube or Photo tube...

Beamsplitter Port Extender for Zeiss

Beamsplitter Port Extender for Zeiss

Extends beamsplitter out 25 mm or 60 mm....

50 mm Extender For Zeiss

Munich Medical Inc. | Oakland, CA | Medical and Dental Microscopes

Our 50 mm extender can help improve your...

25 mm Extender For Zeiss

25 mm Extender For Zeiss

Raises binocular tube or beamsplitter up 25 mm....

Global to Zeiss Products & Adapters

50mm Extender For Global

50mm Extender Closeup

Our 50 mm extender for Global allows you...

Beamsplitter Port Extender for Global


Our port extender helps move your observer tube...

Zeiss to Global Beamsplitter Adapter

Zeiss to Global Beamsplitter Adapter

Our adapter allows you to utilize Zeiss observer...

Zeiss accessories on Global

Zeiss accessories on Global

Our adapter allows you to place Zeiss accessories...

CJ Optik

Splash Guard

splash guard

CJ-Optik offers splash guards to protect dentists and...

Photo Adapter

photo adapter

Able to attach to all major microscope brands....

LED Pico Upgrade

photo adapters

Replaces halogen with LED. Only available for Zeiss.

Vario for Global

vario micropscope

200-350mm range seamlessly replaces current objective microscope adjusts...

Vario for Zeiss Pico

vario 300 microscope

200-350mm range continuously adjustable objective lens replaces current...

Ergo Wedge For Global

Will-Munich-Global-EW2 micropscope

The Ergo Wedge by CJ Optiks is perfect...

Ergo Wedge For Zeiss

Munich EW microscope

CJ Optik's Ergo Wedge is the perfect addition...